Home Remodeling | Home Remodeling the exterior of your home can make your house feel brand new again. If you are looking to put your home on the market, fixing up the outside of your home adds curb appeal, value, and ensures your home will stand out on the block. One of the most common aspects of a home that needs replaced during a remodel is the roof. Nowadays, there are many options for roofing. The best kind for you will depend on many factors including the climate you live in, the budget you have, and the aesthetics of the neighborhood you live in. Check out these roof types that are sure to make your home shine this year.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles- These shingles are the most popular and made of fiberglass and asphalt granules. These shingles are lightweight, easy to replace and can last for several decades. They are affordable for people on a budget but are easily damaged in storms and high winds.

Slate- Slate looks like stone and can give your home a rustic and regal feel. If you can’t afford real slate, you can purchase composite slate, although it is much slipperier and susceptible to fading. Slate shingles look great in older, turn of the century homes and are long lasting and durable. These are also natural and fireproof while also lowering energy cost since they provide extra insulation. Slate roofs are expensive however and can cost as much as $6,000 a square with installation.

Metal Roofs- Metal roofing is very lightweight and easy to install which is why it appeals to home owners who are trying to replace their roof themselves. Metal roofs can be made from aluminum, copper, steel, and alloy; however, copper roofs turn greenish over long periods of time and will need to be replaced before the other metal varieties. Metal roofing is fireproof and helps with cooling in the hot months, but metal roofs can be noisy when there is a storm and are dented easily.

Check with your local roofing companies or contractors about what the best roofing options for your climate and home type are. You will be shocked to find more options other than just these three for you to choose from!  Contact the experts in exterior home remodeling today, Medina Exteriors!


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