Bathroom Remodeling | Having a small bathroom is never convenient. It can be tough to share and when it comes to doing a bathroom remodel it can be an overwhelming prospect to do. But there are great ways to make a small bathroom appear larger. Below are suggestions to consider before starting a remodeling project.

Storage is Key
One of the most frustrating things about small bathrooms is that there is no room for storage. This can be easily resolved, though, by stacking floating shelves or even to use colorful ladders on which to rest towels. Storage is usually a huge concern in any home remodeling project, but by including these simple options in a small bathroom, there can be more functional room.

A small bathroom will appear even smaller if the walls are painted a dark color. To make the room seem larger, go for neutral colors or light colors. Be sure to add pops of other brighter colors to give the room visual interest.

Use Mirrors
A great way to make any room appear larger is to add at least one mirror, especially if it is opposite window. Many people use glass in kitchen cabinets for this reason and it should be a consideration for a bathroom as well. Glass and mirrors reflect light and give the appearance of size.

New Vanity
A new vanity can go a long way in making a bathroom appear larger. For bathrooms that have clunky furniture that take up a lot of space, the best thing would be to buy a detached vanity that is sleeker.

All of these options are good ones when it comes to bathroom remodeling for smaller spaces. Something as simple as choosing the right paint color can be essential in making the space seem much larger.

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