Siding | 3 Surefire Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Siding | According to National Association of Home Builders, 29% of homes built in 2014 used vinyl on the exterior portion of their homes. Vinyl was also the most used siding material in the year 2014. This popularity of vinyl is because using it for siding yields some benefits. Here we’ve discussed some of those advantages.

Resilience and Durability

Siding can withstand high winds. It also has the ability to resist moisture and heat without affecting the appearance of siding. This is one reason why most vinyl manufacturers offer long warranties on their product. This extended warranty is one of the benefits that you get if you install vinylsiding.

The Cost Factor

Wood and other materials are expensive. On the other hand, vinyl has the lowes cost and does not require to be replaced for a long time. Also, paint is not required on the vinyl and it only needs to be cleaned occasionally which makes it a much more affordable and economical option.

Reduced Electricity Bills

Insulated vinylsiding acts as a buffer between the wall stud and the exterior walls, this protects the internal heat or cold from escaping into the outer atmosphere. In this way your Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) has to perform less for cooling or heating your home. This significantly decreases the electricity bill. So, we can deduce that installing vinylsiding decreases your electricity bills as well. Cool!

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