Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2015

Bathroom Remodeling | When approaching an impending renovation project, it’s important to keep an eye on the up and coming trends.  The key is to identify trends with the staying power which will be transitioned into classic design for years to come.  If you are considering a renovation for your bathroom or kitchen, check out these latest trends in bathrooms for 2015 below.  The best way to begin is with design inspiration.  Included below are the up and coming predictions for color, looks, finishes and features you may be seeing for years to come.

  1.     Feature Floor Tiles

Tiles are becoming inspired this year. .  Tiled wall murals or nature inspired tiles double as artwork , while unique shapes and patterns adorn the floors with sophistication and style.  Another popular trend in tiles is metal tile, which combines ceramic and metallic granules for a savvy industrial, yet natural, look.

  1.     Unique Hi-Tech Showers

The showers of 2015 feature multiple water sources, multiple thermostat mixers, and larger spaces.  Walk-in showers with floor to ceiling ‘steam shower’ rooms or oversized panes of glass are the current trend towards luxury showers. Touch screen operated thermostats allow for maximum control of water temperature, water pressure, chromatherapy, steam, and a built in stereo options.  Multiple shower heads allow more than one person to be in the shower, along with individual settings for one’s own preferences.

  1.     A La Natural

Incorporating plants into the bathroom is an excellent way to bring outside in.  We aren’t talking about Benjamin ficus plants or artificial ivy.  For a fresh look, bring in some succulents or, for a more sophisticated look, create a vertical garden on a wall.

  1.     Freestanding Baths

Think sculptural pieces of art, in which you bathe.  The new freestanding bath combines function and form and takes it to a whole new level.  It’s all about aesthetics of the space.  Strikingly beautiful tubs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to best suit your space.  Consider the shape of the tub with the look of your room.  The soft curves of a rounded tub can bring softness to an angular room, while an angular tub can offset soft colors or add structure to a space. – Marokkal

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