Bathroom Remodeling | Cutting Edge Technology for Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling | Any bathroom can become a luxury destination with a few upgrades. Today’s manufacturers and homeowners, however, are well aware that energy and water efficiency are just as important as comfort. Click through for 8 incredible new products that can help you create a sumptuous bath that’s both spa-like and sustainable.

Touchless Technology

The clean and hygienic bathroom of your dreams starts with touchless flushing technology, which keeps germs off the toilet handle. Kohler’s touchless flush comes standard on several models, including this Cimarron. If you’d rather not replace your whole toilet, you can buy a retrofit kit that easily converts a standard flush toilet into a touchless one.

Water-Efficient Fixtures

Protecting the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or style. Hansgrohe’s Croma Green Showerpipe combines an efficient hand shower and shower head in a single attractive fixture. Water-saving AirPower technology mixes air into the water stream for plumper water droplets and a more pleasurable showering experience.

Radiant Heat

Install radiant heating under your floorboards for quiet, invisible, and energy-efficient warmth that you can feel the moment you step out of the shower. If a full bathroom renovation isn’t in the cards, get that instant coziness by bathroom remodelinginstalling a wall-mounted heated towel bar so you’ll always have toasty towels waiting for you.

Engineered Stone for Walls and Countertops

For bathroom countertops and walls that resist scratches, stains, mold, and mildew, consider nonporous engineered stone. With offerings that include natural stone look-alikes and textured wall cladding, Caesarstone has the perfect engineered stone for any bathroom remodel.

Lighted Mirrors for Day and Night

The Baci wall-mounted shaving and makeup mirror by Remcraft folds conveniently out of the way and features energy-efficient LED lighting that changes hue with push-button ease. Adjust the settings to apply makeup for a candlelit dinner or a day outside in the sun.

Heated Bathtub

A luxurious bathroom starts with a spa-like tub. If you’re looking for the ultimate in soaking self-indulgence, Bask technology from Kohler heats the surface of the tub, treating your back and neck to relaxing, comforting warmth. Three temperature settings allow for total control of the bathing experience.

Music to Relax By

Every well-designed, comfortable bathroom needs a fan, but what about a built-in sound system? Broan’s new Sensonic speaker fan effectively and quietly clears humidity and odors from the room, while its hidden Bluetooth-connected speakers play audio from your smartphone, tablet, or music player, letting you stay connected to your playlist even while you’re lounging in the tub.

Water-Saving Toilets That Don’t Compromise on Performance

Toto recently unveiled its newest water-saving Neorest toilets, which are not only ecologically sound, but luxurious too. Incorporating heated seats, integrated washlets, an air deodorizer, and night light, the Neorest is also equipped with water technology that keeps the bowl cleaner for longer. – Bob Vila 

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